The main features of intaglio printing machine shaft
The main features of intaglio printing machine shaft
1, unwinding dual air shaft, discharge automatic tension.
2, dual air shaft rewinding, rewinding torque motor rewinding traction torque motor.
3, a shaft-mounted version of the manual, oil seals precision clutch gearbox.
4, two position adjustable pneumatic scraper. String momentum ± 5mm.
5, double pendulum roller embossing cylinders.
6, the circulating hot air drying apparatus box.
7 with air cooling devices.
8, centralized zero-emission devices.
9, the computer registration system.
10, the still picture system.
11, can be increased with the positive and negative double-sided printing devices.
12, the number of the printing group according to customer requirements.
13, winding and rewinding diameter, the external device retractable roll according to customer requirements.