Caiyin advantage of
Caiyin the advantage:
1, the operation is simple and convenient: no plate and repeated chromatography processes, simple operation, easy maintenance;
2, fast print speed: low input costs, high-speed printing is fully applicable to industrial mass production;
3, to overcome the limits of the material: You can print the required thickness of any media completely overcome the traditional printing methods can only use special paper and special specifications, you can use a very thin or very thick objects, its thickness can reach a maximum thickness of the object
18 cm
4, automatic cleaning system: anti nozzle clogging cycle of various modes automatically clean the print head according to consumer choice, which prevents nozzle clogging phenomenon.
Height adjustment and volume settings: height can be adjusted according to the printing object, with a vertical jet structure of horizontal movement, using a variety of raw materials can be easily and freely. Can automatically lift easily placed into the appropriate print height, and achieve the perfect color printing effect.
And can freely set the mass production of automatic feeding time, save repeat the steps to operate a computer.
Not material objects: You can use rich colors in the raw material (silica gel products, U disk shell, mobiles phones shell, plastic, stone, leather, wood, metal, glass, leather, crystal, acrylic, PVC, ABS, the PC , acrylic, coated paper) finished and semi-finished products (widgets finishing boxes, wallets, purses, trademarks, plaques, etc.), soft, hard surface on the image of the true color graphic printing.
Jet printing nozzle with medium surface non-contact does not occur due to heat and pressure deformation phenomena, and therefore can be easily deformed soft material (such as leather and textiles) printing.
7 realistic to achieve photo-quality print high-precision perfect: the use of company production of special ink, so that the output image effects.
Image waterproof, sunscreen, wear-resistant, never fade.
Printing format: meet 1200x1200 A0 leaflets ultra-A2 (420mm x 640mm), A1 61x150 A0 1118x1200 A0 + + + 1650x2440 MM wide of personalized print.
9, the rough surface and beveled Print: overcome up to 7mm thickness deviation of raw materials, according to the characteristics of the printed surface bump gap can be expanded to 7mm, and presents the perfect printing results.
10, using a large capacity ink cartridges: avoid the impact of frequent replacement ink cartridges and printing efficiency, while the printing costs to a minimum.
11, using special waterproof ink: a clear and perfect print quality, the level is clear, all visible color block, no color cast, color mixing phenomenon, waterproof, wear-resistant, the quality of non-thermal transfer, screen printing and other traditional crafts comparable.
12, the ultra-low cost for printing: Compared to existing thermal transfer process, you can save more than 80% of the cost.
13 personalized print: at the same time is very suitable for T-shirt, pillow (sets), shopping bags, aprons, gloves, cotton socks, handkerchiefs and other personalized color printing services.
14 design: Overall, simple, easy to operate, convenient, completely humane scientific design. Follow mainstream all-black design. The main keys are arranged in the right side of the body from the front panel looks very simple and clean lines, neat and lifetime maintenance.