Caiyin long-term do not how to care for
A long time without maintenance, color printing machine for a long time do not use, the print head or the residual ink inking channel may be dry. In addition, because the cold winter weather and cold, ink cartridges, the ink will produce sediment and other impurities. All this may cause the print nozzles or ink tube is blocked, the impact of printing, such as: the emergence of the lack of pen off the painting, lack of color, color cast, and other phenomena, can not even print a lot of inconvenience to customers. To avoid the above situation, the user can take some maintenance measures. For example, every 3-4 days during the holidays through the printer's cleaning procedures, ink cleaning the ink channel of the (wet) or print nozzles to prevent ink from drying out the clogged print nozzles and the ink tube. Some users believe that the holidays cartridges remove the saved, in fact, this approach is not appropriate, because doing so not only installed the remaining ink color printing machine nozzle dry faster, easier to print nozzles clogged, but also the air into the cartridge ink supply port, this part of the air was sucked into the print head, print head, causing fatal damage. Thus, once the cartridge into the printer, it is best not to be easily removable. If Caiyin work environment is too wet or dust too much, then, some elements of the print cartridge nozzles may be subject to corrosion and pollution, color printing machine working environment changes can not be too severe, or parts of the thermal expansion will cause the mechanical components excessive wear, especially the effect of change will also affect the print cartridge plastic components and nozzle aperture. Therefore, user's Caiyin should be stored in a dry, clean, the sun does not shine directly into the environment, but also pay attention to the appropriate increase in ventilation and insulation. Of course, after the holiday prior to the use of color printing machine, best to be cleaned and maintained to ensure its normal print accuracy and print quality