Electrostatic printing machine because Countermeasures
Electrostatic effects: Reason: static plastic film to form a thin film adhesion to each other. Solution: add static thorn in the plastic. Printing machine of the solvent in the printing ink has not been thoroughly after evaporation.

(1) plastic film printing ink by solvent evaporation to dry. The evaporation rate is to determine the ink dry conditions and an important factor affecting print quality. Survived slow solvent evaporation, the version of the good reproducibility of the child, the more beautiful color prints, but the easy adhesion;

On the contrary, will produce white and other elephant imprinted. Therefore, select the appropriate rate of solvent evaporation, films gravure plastic key.

In the continuous color printing, the film runs between the two printers bit of time, all the volatile solvent must be completed, otherwise, print the next station, they will stick roller.

(2) film printing, the ink in the organic solvent in the dry system has not been completely evaporate, the film is still rolling after the heat, to the residual solvent in the ink, bring to volatile conditions, the formation of adhesions.

(3) hot and humid Lee Day, after the printing film winding too tight or pressure.

Solution: ink solvent evaporation rate depends not only on the solvent boiling point, vapor pressure, latent heat of steam, etc., but also depends on the operating environment temperature, humidity, air flow, solute and ink thickness and other conditions.