ting machine used to note in the safe operation of a number of issues
Printing machine when in use, some problems must be noted that this was a better, more secure operating printing machine

1, must ensure that the printer has a solid working platform, do not place any objects on top of the printer.
2, the printer prints its front cover must be closed to prevent dust into the machine, printer or other hard objects obstruct the movement of the car.
3, prohibits hot plug the printer cable, this will damage the printer's printer port and the PC parallel port, or even serious damage to the PC motherboard.
4, if the printout is not clear, self-cleaning function of available printers cleaning nozzle.
5, when the print head does not return to the initial position and reboot, the printer will print the first head back to the initial position, then the operation will be cleaning the nozzle, it will cause unnecessary waste of ink.
Solve this problem is often to wipe the dust guide shaft, and the guide shaft for lubrication (use a good liquid lubricant, such as sewing machine oil), to ensure the surrounding environment clean.